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Nestled in the serene neighbourhood

of West Coast, Sakaba Igokochi combines showmanship, culinary finesse and the highest standard of service to provide guests with an immersive dining experience.

We pride ourselves on our open concept kitchen which allows customers to marvel at our chefs in action as well as to engage in casual banter. Come for drinks but stay for dinner. That is the Sakaba Igokochi way!


Izakaya  -    Bar

Mondays to Saturdays    -  11.30 am to 11 pm

Happy Hour                      -  11.30 am to   8 pm

Izakaya  -    Lunch / Dinner

Mondays to Saturdays    -  11.30am to 2 pm

                                            -    5.00pm to 11 pm

Last order for Food       - 10 pm

Sundays                            -  Closed

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